Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I had a good weekend, both busy and relaxing and spontaneously extended into Monday.

Saturday I spent at the Indie Arts Fest in downtown Providence. I was a little worried at first that it might not be the crowd for my product, but in the end, I had a good day. I had printed out a "test" of what I want my new banner to look like. It ended up being too windy to actually use it, but I think it looks good, so I'll order a real one.

Sunday D and I decided to go to our favorite lake for some relaxing and ended up camping there into Monday. It felt so good to unplug for a day and relax. It's so important for me to get out of my element to relax. If I were home, I would inevitably check email, do laundry, or do some other task I'd been putting off. Getting out forces me to chill and unwind. I brought my journal, and three books to read. Read one until I finished it, and then had a delicious dinner. We moved our chairs right up to the water so we could have a gorgeous view while eating. It was just what I needed. Enjoy the photos!