Monday, July 27, 2009

Out in the Wild

Just got back from a long weekend visiting a friend in South Central New York state. Two more friends joined us on the weekend for some fun girl time. We all were textile design students together in college, and always get together each summer for some fun.

One of my friends brought with her a journal that her husband had bought from me a while ago that she keeps in her bag to take notes on projects, things to do, or just anything she doesn't want to forget. I remember her as having the best sketchbooks when we were design students together, so I was excited when she broke out the journal to show me and let me take some photos for the second installment of my Out in the Wild series.

What I like so much about her use of the journal, is that it's just for every day things. People sometimes tell me at craft shows that they love blank books, but wouldn't have anything important enough to write in it. I always try to tell people they don't need to be Oscar Wilde to keep a journal, that your everyday musings, lists, or just things to remember are just as worthy of a nice book. I also can't help but think if you're going to keep something with you all the time, why not have it be beautiful and something that makes you happy to use?

I love how she added a little ribbon to the binding to help her keep her place in the journal. Looks so pretty! Enjoy the photos and special thanks to Kara for letting me share the photos!


  1. You're welcome! So glad I had it with me to share. I love taking out my unique journal to jot down measurements, supplies needed, notes from a meeting, etc. You and your camera take such great photos - love that close-up of the ribbon in the binding.

  2. i love going through my old journals to see what ideas made it into paintings...sometimes even 4 years out.

  3. I hear the same thing at craft shows, that folks feel like their thoughts aren't important enough to document in a journal. I wish I knew where that comes from, the feelings of inadequacy when someone is confronted by a journal. It's odd.