Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remember the Sun?

OK, I expect seasonal depression and being crabby because of gray skies for days at a time in February, but June?! June, with its promises of sunshine, al fresco dining and sunscreen, is supposed to be what I look forward to in February to get me through the gray days!

Stretches of gray usually inspire me to sit around and think about Hawaii. Last night I watched a Hawaii Five-O episode and today did a quick Etsy search of Hawaii themed items. Since we have no actual sunshine to feed our souls, maybe some of these cute things will help.

Super cute wooden hula doll, by myfriendamy.

I wonder if the seller would fill this with Maui Chips before shipping it to me, by SasakiCreations.

Fun aloha notecard, by juniperberry.

Retro Hawaii pendant, by pennydogaccessories.


  1. Thanks, K. Now I have the Hawaii Five-O theme stuck in my head.

  2. ohhh.....I want to go to Hawaii. Or anywhere that is warmer than here. *happy thoughts*