Monday, June 8, 2009

Providence Open Market

Saturday was the Providence Open Market, my first time selling there. I think I always avoided these types of shows, worrying people would be rude and obnoxious and stress me out. I could not have been more wrong. People were enthusiastic, mellow and super nice.

One interesting thing I learned is that a lot of people have secret (and sometimes not so secret) map obsessions. I can't even count how many people felt the need to tell me, "I love maps." Some people whispered it, some went on and on about how they feed their map addiction, some were just excited to meet a kindred spirit. It was a lot of fun. Far more map lovers out there than I realized.

Also, my Aloha and Mahalo cards inspired everyone with a Hawaii connection to chat with me about it. Since I love talking about Hawaii, I didn't mind this at all. Kalua pig, mai tais, shave ice, those are all good things.

I think with each show I get better at these and more comfortable. I have a list of changes and improvements to put into place before the Providence Arts Festival this weekend. I'm excited!

(Special thanks to Suzanne of Tanner Glass for loaning me the bookshelves and Linda from A la mode Stuff for loaning me her tent weights. So helpful!)

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  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself!! The tent looks great...very neat!

    Also glad your tent didn't blow away, lol.