Monday, June 15, 2009

Providence Art Festival

Great turn out this weekend at the Providence Art Festival. As promised on Friday, I did make sure the sun came and graced us with sunshine all day long. A lot of people came out, I think everyone had cabin fever from a week of rain! I was positioned near fabulous artists and fellow members of Arts in RI, an Etsy street team. We made a pretty impressive showing, if I do say so.

Again, I did well, sold out of all the Providence and Rhode Island journals (so I'll be making a ton more this week) and ended up with some custom orders for places like Iran, Mali and Hawaii. I love people who end up telling me why they're buying a particular journal. I originally had thought of my books as travel journals, but now I realize that they're far more than just for traveling. More often then not, people are buying them for a special connection they have to a place and it's fun to hear what that is.


  1. Fun to get the inside scoop on how and why your products are being used after they leave your studio. Display looks great, and so glad you had a good weather day!

  2. I thought I was the only one who had that kind of influence on the sun!! He lied to me!

    Glad you did well.... Your display looked great!