Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need Some Feedback

The one negative thing about being in my home studio all day, is that sometimes I really want some creative feedback. I've had this project sitting on my desk for so long, that I'm thinking that cyberspace just might be the place to throw it out for some feedback.

When I moved recently I went through my small collection of textiles. In that box was this little piece I had done years ago. These tiny little weaving studies that I did and then cut apart and sewed onto a piece of muslin. I sort of felt like I wanted to do something else with those little weavings. I pulled some of them off and thought they'd make cool cards. What do you think?

I have some in pairs, some alone, some in collages with paper. I can't decide about them.


  1. i remember when you were doing some of these little studies in college! and i loved them then too. you made me a couple and put them on cards as a special little mimento...very nice and special and lovely. i love the fine brocades and shapes...the ombre of color is so nice. i think everyone will be able to appreciate these for their beauty. very unique!

  2. Make them into lovely cards! Or insets on book covers...

  3. cards are a cute idea...but I think they work well as individual pieces of art as well. sweet and simple.

  4. Sorry it took me so long to comment - had been packing for Maine the night I got your email. I like the cards and framed/shadowbox art idea. I always loved them - little treasures. Could be fun to see a whole wall of them, too - each framed in little 5x5 frames.