Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book Cloth in Action

Today I woke up to find my book cloth perfectly dry and ready to be put into action. I finally made something that will stay with me and not end up in my Etsy shop, an awesome photo album for our trip to Kauai in January 2008.

I'm sure you're learning that I have a thing for Hawaii. The hula girl fabric I used, I bought a couple of years ago from because I thought it would make cute curtains in my kitchen. It did.

Curtains made, had extra. Decided to make book cloth for a Kauai journal to bring.

Still had some left over, so I made a super cute tote bag.

Fast forward a year and a half, I've moved and the curtains no longer are being used and I have yet to make a photo album with all the Kauai photos!

So, yesterday's book cloth was made with what had been my kitchen curtains. I had intended to make this album for ages. (Got the prints back in August, then folded all the paper for the inside around January, and had all the photos mounted in by March.)

Yesterday I decided having the album done would be a great gift for DJH to celebrate our 3 years together. (Check out what he gave me, here. Killer!) I think it looks awesome. Happy hula girls on the covers, bright orange book cloth (bought at Paper Source) for the soft spine and sturdy paper inside. Makes me want a mai tai!

Here are some photos of the process:

Here's the dry book cloth, ready to go.

Glued onto the covers, cloth spine added.

Ready to start sewing. This is a fat album, we were there 2 weeks!

Getting near the end. I like to put the photos in before I sew so I allow for enough room and minimal bulge.

Look at that nice spine. I love it :)

There it is all done.

I love when a book opens flat, that's essential for me.

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  1. Love it! Something for one's very own self. What a concept. :)