Friday, May 29, 2009

Vermont Highlights

Besides doing the Vermont Open Studio Weekend, my visit also included staying with family on an awesome Vermont farm.

Some of the highlights for me:

1. Farm fresh eggs! They have a coop full of chickens, as well as a box of new baby chicks getting big enough to head into the coop. There is nothing so delicious as fresh eggs. The yolks are orange and so full of flavor. So delicious that I had an egg breakfast two days in a row.

2. Farm & Chef Partnership. Seeing a sign like this at a restaurant was new to me, but maybe not to Vermonters. Our salad and eggplant sandwich that we had was delicious. So full of flavor, and you can't beat fresh cheese.

3. Microbrews and Cheese! Yum. Couldn't pass up this Longtrail "Brewmaster Series." Haven't had it yet, but looks promising. (We smartly brought our cooler with us for this trip.)

4. Barns. Just so picturesque.

5. Lilacs! They were in bloom last weekend and just smelled so good. Nothing beats driving along and getting a huge whiff of lilac as you go.

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