Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Free Fun!

Looking for something to do this weekend, but don't want to break the bank? Like me, are you dying to escape Providence this weekend and the onslaught of parents arriving for graduations? Well, if you followed my previous advice (from this post) and bought yourself this book, then check out one of its hikes.

Last weekend I went for an early morning hike at the Lime Rock Nature Preserve (#32 in the book). One of the benefits of living in such a small state is that not far from the city can have a very rural feel. This hike was full of lots of ferns, mushrooms, and a small pond.

Any good I did my body in terms of burning calories was promptly undone with lunch following the hike at Venda Ravioli. We bumped into friends there, so we joined them at a table outside and had a delicious meal. Their antipasto really is the best around. DJH gets crazy excited whenever he sees whole fish on a menu. ("That's where all the flavor is.") Lunch here doesn't fall into the "free fun" category, but it's definitely money well spent and a pretty good bargain for food this delicious in such nice ambience.

Have a fun Memorial Day weekend! I'll report back next week on my weekend in Vermont and my first time at the Open Studios Weekend.

(Unrelated: did you check here to find out which wine won our Cru Beaujolais tasting? Did you read this little interview with me on the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team blog?)


  1. are those hot peppers w goat cheese inside?? well if they arent, i am goingto create them anyway... yum.

  2. Not goat cheese, sharp provolone. SO good. This place is the best lunch in town, hands down.