Thursday, May 21, 2009

Block Printing

I've been working on a project lately (for a soon to be revealed reason) that involves peaches and surface design. I'll be doing some stenciling and some block printing of images inspired by peaches. I have been meaning to try block printing with those rubber blocks ever since I got my Lotta Prints book, then again when I got the Lena Corwin Printing by Hand book. (Awesome books!) This project gave me a great excuse to finally give this a try.

I have to say, I love it! The rubber blocks are super easy to carve. Just transfer your image on there and go for it. It's like carving a block of cheese. They're also cheap, so it's a quick fix for some fast printing. Just ink them up with your brayer and print away. Love it. I'll definitely be doing more, possibly to feed my cloth napkin addiction. Great for fabric or paper. Just think: handmade thank you notes, gift tags, wrapping paper, napkins, hankies, the list could go on and on.


  1. These are beautiful! Can't wait to see the secret project that will use these images!

  2. Wow, I was just trying to figure out a quick way to print on cloth napkins that are in the works. Thanks! Where did you get the rubber blocks? They're gorgeous - love the peach.

  3. Got them at the RISD store, but I think most art supply stores would have them.