Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pho, miracle cure

Yesterday I was feeling a little worn out. I hadn't slept well, then I was up early volunteering at WRNI during their pledge drive, and it was cold and rainy. Any time I'm feeling cold, under the weather, whatever . . . I get a serious craving for pho. For those not in the know, it's a delicious Vietnamese soup filled with tasty goodness and so much flavor. How did I ever make it through a cold (or a hangover) before? It's just so good. Delicious, flavorful broth is the key. Bland broth = boring pho.

My favorite local place to go in Providence is Phonatic (165 Angell Street on the East Side), or Pho Paradise (337 Broad Street on the West Side), both are owned by the same people and are equally good. Whenever I travel, I make sure I consult the Pho Finder to find some close to where I'll be, just in case. Find one near you and go get some, it's perfect for a rainy April day.

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