Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Museum of Bibliographical Detritus

I was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire over the weekend and, as usual, searched for a used book store. I found a great one, Second Run Bookstore, in Commercial Alley.

A wall in the store is devoted to what they've named "The Museum of Bibliographical Detritus" and is plastered with things they find in used books that they clear out before selling them. I love stuff like this. I love used books for their history; thinking about whose hands have they passed through, where around the world have they been. I was fascinated with this wall. Lots of boarding passes, train ticket stubs, notes from people who gave the book as a gift, shopping lists, lottery tickets. They let me take a few photos.

Check it out for yourself if you're ever in Portsmouth. Great prices too, all paperbacks are $5 and hardcovers $7.

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