Friday, April 17, 2009

Housewarming Present

I've had a design crush on JHill Designs for ages now. Her Places I've Never Been series is just gorgeous. Pattern and travel, all in one, I love it. I could literally buy every single print.

Since I don't have the wall space for every single print, I had to chose wisely. A couple of birthdays ago, I treated myself to her Champagne print. (I mean, come on, pattern design, travel and bubbly?!) I love it, but will admit to dragging my feet on framing and hanging it. I felt it really needed a friend, that it would show best as a series.

So, when we got the keys to our new place the other day, DJH handed me a housewarming present, and it was the Bordeaux print! He thought it needed a friend too, and since he's a wine guy, the pair of French wine prints seemed a good pair to hang in our new kitchen. (Please excuse the bad photos, I snapped them quickly last night. I'll share more when they're framed and hanging up.)

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