Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Humor Me

It's better if I just tell you now, while the blog is still new and we're just getting to know each other. My name is Kristin and I'm a huge U2 fan. I'm wildly excited today because I secured my tickets for this tour. It's not happening until September, but I can rest easy knowing I'll be seeing them once in Boston and once in New Jersey. Woo-hoo!

Since I couldn't purely indulge my U2 craziness on you, I thought I should at least include a book. Here's one of my faves, U2 by U2 . . . signed for me by the band. I do have some self-control, so I'll save you that story, but let's just say: booksigning, me there, band there, spelled name for The Edge, hugged Bono.

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